NH Grassroots Leaders Call on Republican Senate Leadership to Support Health Care Compact

Need for Local Control of Health Care Decisions Cited in Support for HB 1560


Concord, NH - Today the leaders of several New Hampshire grassroots organizations are calling on the New Hampshire Senate Majority Leadership to support HB 1560, the Health Care Compact. 

“HB 1560 is about health care governance and does not propose any cuts to benefits for Medicare or Medicaid recipients,” said Matthew Murphy, NH Director of the Health Care Compact Alliance.  “We are proud so many grassroots organizations are supporting this bill and hope the New Hampshire Senate will pass it promptly.” 

Expressing their support of HB 1560 are Corey R. Lewandowski, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-NH; Wendy Warcholik, Executive Director of Cornerstone Action; Carolyn McKinney, Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus-NH; and Jennifer Horn, President of We The People.

“HB 1560 is about who makes health care decisions,” said Corey Lewandowski.  “This bill will give our citizens a greater voice in their health care by returning authority to the state government where it will be more accountable and closer to the people impacted.”

HB 1560 would establish an interstate Health Care Compact which asserts that each member state would have the authority to enact state laws that supersede any and all federal laws regarding health care within its state.  The bill passed the House with a veto proof majority in March and is currently in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

“The Health Care Compact presents New Hampshire with an opportunity to reverse a decade long trend toward greater federal control over health care decisions, resulting in increased costs to New Hampshire and decreased local control,” stated Carolyn McKinney.

 “This bill represents a stark choice for New Hampshire,” said Jennifer Horn.  “We can continue down the road of increased federal mandates and greater control of our health care decisions by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, or we can give New Hampshire citizens a greater voice in their health care by restoring local control.”

Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah, have already passed Health Care Compact legislation.

“It is time to bring an end to the ‘One Size Fits All’ health care approach in Washington and place the decision making power back with the people of New Hampshire and their elected officials,” added Wendy Warcholik.