NH K of C Passes Religious Freedon Resolution

A strong delegation of more than 500 Knights and their families attended the 113th Annual State Meeting of the New Hampshire State Council, Knights of Columbus held this year in Nashua.  Attending as a Guest of the international fraternal order of Catholic men was Arthur J. Harris a Director of the fraternal order.   Joel Plante, the CEO of the Knights in New Hampshire led the meeting.

Along with the business of operating the order, which represents more than 7,000 families in the Granite State, was a special Resolution.  The Resolution In Defense of Religious Freedom was sponsored in New Hampshire

by Jordan Ulery who holds the office of State Advocate.  Ulery stated that the urgent need for the resolution was “the incessant governmental assault against the role of The Church in American society.”

This resolution was occasioned by the recent assault by the current administration on the Inalienable Right of all to live their religion in public without fear of government interference.  No person, in the United States especially, should be coerced by their government to engage in acts or to surrender to government things that to them are morally repugnant.  No less a luminary than Thomas Jefferson enshrined that basic fact in his Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.  The New Hampshire Constitution includes similar statements as well.

The New Hampshire Knights discussed the Resolution and unanimously endorsed passage of the resolution by the Live Free or Die State and have sent it to the international headquarters of the Knights of Columbus where it will be read at the Annual International Convention.  After the reading of the Resolution in New Hampshire the meeting hall erupted with cheers and a standing ovation for the position taken in the Resolution in support of our Priests, Bishops and most importantly, The Church.  State Deputy Joel Plante said of the resolution, “The Knights of Columbus will never waiver in our defense of religious freedom as a Right of all Americans.”

The action was taken not only in response to the attempt to force Catholic and other religious institutions and entities to adopt and pay for policies that run counter to moral teaching.  This action was taken for the sakes of the children, the future Catholics and all who love freedom, including the freedom to worship as they choose without interfering with the rights of others.   As a reminder to the membership of the heroic stand taken by the Order in the past there was a discussion of the role the Order played in the Cristero War (Cristidada) in Mexico in the last century.  Defense of religious freedom is nothing new for the Knights of Columbus and the Order in New Hampshire stands as the strong arm of our Bishop in that defense.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family fraternal, service organization of now more than 1,800,000 members worldwide.  For more information on the Order please visit http://www.nhknights.org.