ALG's Daily Grind: Keynes' tragic comedy

May 30, 2012


Keynes' tragic comedy

Greek banks lost tens of billions of euros on Greek debt, resulting in very low capital at the institutions, which then secured billions of loans to boost the lost capital - all to enable more lending to the same bankrupt government that defaulted on its debt causing the losses in the first place.

ALG Speaks With Rep. McMorris Rodgers On Spending

Hear from Washington Rep. and possible VP candidate Cathy McMorris Rodgers on the dire fiscal straits the nation is in.

Tuesday, June 5: high noon for unions in Wisconsin

The showdown in Wisconsin will determine the willingness of politicians across the nation to undue budget strapping public employee deals. 

Judge Who Ruled Against Chevron Removed from Bench Over Drug Trafficking Allegations

If there was any remaining doubt that Chevron is entitled to an investigation that probes into potentially fraudulent actions impacting its court case in Ecuador, those doubts have been removed.