Smith is first candidate to go up with paid media;

New campaign ad part of substantial statewide radio buy

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor, launched his first campaign advertisement of the 2012 election. The new radio ad, titled "New Hampshire's Future Is Now," is part of a substantial and sustained advertising buy on radio stations throughout the state.

"I am excited to launch this new ad as many folks are just now beginning to pay attention to what will no doubt be a very competitive Governor's race,” said Smith. "The ad points out what many have been telling me as I travel the state, which is that while my opponents in this race are just offering loftly rhetoric, I am offering a real vision and plan for transforming New Hampshire into an economic powerhouse."

Smith added, “This is our first ad and is part of an aggressive campaign we are going to run from now until the fall elections.”

Smith is the first candidate for governor – Republican or Democrat – to launch a paid media campaign. The new radio ad will air on stations across the state for several weeks. It begins airing today.

“People are noticing that I’m running the most substantive campaign in the race, which is one reason we continue to garner strong support from every corner of the state,” continued Smith. “I’m committed to working hard for each and every vote as I campaign town-to-town and person-to-person. Our new advertising is just another way to reach voters and share my message and ideas for attracting good high-paying jobs New Hampshire."

To listen to the ad, "New Hampshire's Future is Now," please click HERE.


Script for New Hampshire's Future is Now:

Announcer: Career politicians and perennial candidates are full of empty rhetoric.

Thankfully there’s a bold, new voice in the race for New Hampshire Governor.

Kevin Smith.

Kevin’s private sector and state government experience give him a fresh perspective and the know-how to lead New Hampshire forward.

Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith: I’m running for Governor to end the status quo in Concord and chart a new vision for New Hampshire.

As I travel our state – I know our best resources are the industrious people who live and work here. Unfortunately, government stands in the way of our prosperity.

But we’re going to fix that.

I've got a plan to bring jobs back to New Hampshire and give businesses the tools they need to grow.

It begins by cutting taxes, lowering health care costs, and improving opportunities for young workers. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll make it happen with bold ideas, the right plan, and a commitment to conservative principles.


Kevin Smith for Governor. Because New Hampshire’s Future Is Now.