Eliminating CON will Improve Health Care Services, Expand Choice, and Lower Costs

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor, made the following statement regarding pending legislation to repeal the state’s Certificate of Need process:

“I strongly support the elimination of the antiquated Certificate of Need process in New Hampshire. And, while I appreciate the Senate’s careful deliberation of the issue, I urge Senators to pass legislation repealing CON when they take it up again next week."

Smith added: “Last month, I announced the portion of my New Hampshire’s Future Is Now plan that specifically addresses health care. In it, I called for eliminating the Certificate of Need. Regrettably, my opponents in the race for governor either support keeping this anti-competitive process, or they have been insufficient in explaining their position."

“Bureaucratic interference through the process of certifying new health care facilities is unnecessary and anti-competitive. Today, the state determines if there is ‘too much’ competition in a given area and can deny a new radiology facility, surgical facility, or hospital. This process distorts the health care economy and allows state government to establish monopolies for health services, limit choices for patients, and virtually guarantee higher prices."

“In every other industry, where there is competition for customers there is a natural trend to lower prices and improve service. By finally opening up the opportunities for health care providers in New Hampshire to fill the needs of their patients without having to plead their case to an unelected state board, we can expand services and better care for our citizens. Moreover, without these artificial barriers, we allow newer and better alternatives to find their niche, grow their business, and help drive down costs for everyone."

“My position is clear; the Certificate of Need has to go. State bureaucrats should not be left to choose winners and losers in the health care economy, and get between providers and patients. By eliminating the Certificate of Need process, we will encourage greater investment by health care providers, increase competition and choice, lower costs, and create a better overall health delivery system throughout the state.”