NH Rep Guinta tells Massachusetts he very likely put our Shipyard in Jeopardy

New Hampshire- Today, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for Congress in the First Congressional District, released the following statement.
 "Congressman Frank Guinta refuses to go on NH public radio's The Exchange, but he went on The Emily Rooney Show on Boston Public Radio station, WGBH, on Monday to admit that his vote for defense cuts put the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in danger. Congressman Guinta said, 'But the additional reduction...could very likely put the shipyard in Portsmouth in jeopardy...' Mr. Guinta should go on NH radio and admit to NH listeners that his defense cuts put the Shipyard in jeopardy."


Congressman Frank Guinta and his tea party refused to vote for the debt ceiling increase unless there was a super committee appointed to find budget cuts. He voted for this law, with the  provision that if the super committee could not agree to cuts, there would be equal cuts to both defense and domestic spending. Republicans said they would not compromise, there was no compromise, and the domestic and defense cuts that he voted for are now at hand.