CEI Weekly: Overregulation of Chemicals Is Bad for Public Health

Friday, May 4, 2012




Feature: CEI policy experts and adjunct scholars presented a case against curret chemical policy at a Capitol Hill briefing.

FEATURE: Overregulation of Chemicals Is Bad for Public Health


This week, CEI hosted a Capitol Hill briefing on our nation's chemical policies. Current and proposed regulations of products and substances are threatening to keep safe, valuable products off the shelves, hurting both the economy and public health. Read more about the event here.







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May 3, 2012: Paving the Way for Job Creation & Innovation


Unemployment remains stubbornly high, more than three years after the financial crisis hit. Congress has tried a number of measures, from fiscal stimulus to stricter financial regulations. None of them have worked. That’s because they get in the way of the key driver of economic growth – innovation. And as any entrepreneur will tell you, innovation requires investment. John Berlau, CEI’s Senior Fellow for Finance and Access to Capital, suggests a number of reforms to make innovation, investment, and job creation easier.