Heritage - Life of Julia Improves with Free Markets & Liberty

A Better Life for Julia
A slideshow entitled "Life of Julia" is lighting up the social networks because of its presentation of the utopian, government-dependent life of a fictional character named Julia. Heritage responded with a version showing how conservative policies, like the ones outlined in Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan, can empower Julia and all Americans without government interference at every stage of life. See it by clicking on the slideshow image below.



Heritage Employment Report: Jobs Do Not Bloom in April
The Bureau of Labor Statistics did not have strong job numbers to report in April, according to Heritage experts Rea Hederman and James Sherk. Declines in the percentage of Americans in the labor force, which reached a 30-year low, explain why the unemployment rate dipped slightly. Learn more about the less-than-rosy jobs picture in this issue brief. Today's Morning Bell also explained how the job figures are well below expectations and far, far below what is necessary to drive the economy back to full employment.


Life of Chinese Dissident Bears Witness to Chinese Communist Cruelty
Chen Guangcheng is a pro-life advocate in China exposing the horrific human rights atrocities of China’s one-child policy. Before his arrest in 2006, the human rights advocate would often hold meetings with members of the Linyi community, hearing heart-wrenching stories from women forced to undergo third-trimester abortions, men sterilized against their will, and individuals tortured and harassed because a family member was pregnant with an unauthorized child. Read the latest on this developing story on the Foundry blog.


Arbitrary Defense Cuts Are No Way to Balance the Budget
Providing for the Common Defense is one of the few legitimate responsibilities of the federal government. Yet, President Obama’s proposed budget will severely cut our nation’s defense spending. Sign Heritage Action's petition to tell Congress to reject massive cuts to defense and instead base funding decisions on strategy. Click here for the petition.