Weekly Update from the Josiah Bartlett Center



CON, RPS & RGGI: Acronyms Rule the Airwaves

Grant talks to Paul Westcott about CON (Certificate of Need) Boards, RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) and RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) .... Click here to listen.



Grant on NH Today

Certificate of Need Boards

Grant Bosse talks to Jack Heath about the about the NH Senate’s decision to delay a vote on repealing the state’s Certificate of Need Board in this week’s edition of The Josiah Bartlett Report on NH Today. Click Here to Listen. 





Charlie's Column

NH a Good Example for DC

Elections and governments produce many tall tales. One of the tallest was the wishful thinking that the federal and state governments are in fine shape fiscally. Each month, something else emerges that tells us how bad things really are...Click here to keep reading.