NHDP - You Can Tell A Lot by a Man's Friends

Ovide should tell New Hampshire what he would cut if he supports Bill O'Brien's reckless pledge to cut state support for programs like education, local aid



CONCORD - As he campaigns with Steve Forbes and praises the leadership of Speaker Bill O'Brien, Ovide Lamontagne should tell New Hampshire voters if he endorses their Tea Party policies.


"Ovide Lamontagne is accepting the endorsement of Steve Forbes and heaping praise on the leadership of New Hampshire Speaker Bill O'Brien.  Ovide Lamontagne should also tell the people of New Hampshire where he stands on their policies to cut programs like public higher education, aid to local schools and health care for seniors and people with disabilties," Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


Forbes recently endorsed H.R. 9, which would blow a $46 billion hole in the federal budget, forcing cut to programs like Medicare, Pell grants for college students and support for people with severe disabilities. Forbes also opposes the Buffett Rule, a plan that ensures basic fairness - providing that millionaires and billionaires do not pay lower tax rates than the middle class.


Bill O'Brien this week told the Nashua Telegraph that if he was re-elected, he would cut the state budget by another $400 million to fund corporate tax cuts- after already cutting funding for higher education in half and cutting funding for hospitals, seniors and people with disabilities in order to pay for tax giveaways to tobacco companies and tax evaders.


"Standing with Steve Forbes today in Manchester, Ovide should make clear whether he supports the out-of-touch policies, championed by his surrogate, that leave the middle class behind," said Buckley.  "Ovide should tell the people of New Hampshire if he supports his friend Bill O'Brien's latest proposal, and exactly what he will cut."


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