AFPNH - NH Voters to Decide on INCOME TAX

First, we have great news. It looks like a compromise has been reached between the House and the Senate to allow YOU to decide the fate of two important constitutional amendments this November

The House and Senate conferees have agreed to details on both Super-Majority Legislation and the Income Tax Ban, CACR 6 and CACR 13 respectively. This means that NH voters will determine if a super-majority of legislators’ votes are necessary to pass any future tax or fee increase. Also, voters will determine if the state constitution will be amended to ban any state personal income tax.

Secondly, last week agreements were reached on three other bills AFP-NH has been following in Concord– RGGI, Liquid RGGI and Electric Renewable Portfolio Standards.

We were disappointed that the compromise reached on RGGI STILL does not remove NH from this failed cap-and-trade scheme

However, the legislators did have the foresight not to enter our state into a Liquid RGGI agreement and did vote to allow NH residents to see a reduction in their electricity costs by approving the Electric Renewable Portfolio Standards bill.

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Third, our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, is hosting the fifth annual RightOnline Conference June 15-16 in Las Vegas. Please CLICK HERE to learn more and CLICK HERE to register today!

Finally, as the legislative action in Concord winds down, AFP-NH is gearing up for a busy summer. In the coming months, our Foundation will release its annual score and our Honorary Chairman will distribute his anti-tax pledge to candidates. I look forward to sharing those documents with you as we work to hold our elected officials accountable to the people they represent. 



Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire