MANCHESTER, NH – Republican candidate for Governor Kevin Smith released the following statement in regards to the WMUR Democratic Gubernatorial debate today:


"The three Democrat candidates met today to give both their individual and party's views on how they would govern New Hampshire. Unfortunately, their emphasis on a more ‘progressive’ agenda is one that will ‘progressively’ drive businesses out of the state, stagnate job growth and leave our government on a course that is ‘business as usual.' 

"The candidates today refused to reject broad based taxes, touted their commitments to growing the size of the government bureaucracy, and not only opposed the free-market concept of Right-to-Work legislation, but in one instance called the concept ‘bizarre.’  These are the bankrupt ideas that generated massive deficits, increased the cost of living in this state and have driven jobs south of the border.

"I am looking forward to next week’s WMUR Republican debate with Ovide Lamontagne so that the people of New Hampshire can hear how I intend to move the state forward under my “New Hampshire’s Future Is Now” plan.  Republican primary voters will see firsthand the contrast between the old, tired ideas from perennial candidates and my new ideas to grow our economy, bring jobs back to the state and make our government more accountable to the taxpayer." -- Kevin Smith