NH GOP - Dem Gov. Debate: The Headline Says It All


As many of you already know, today the three Democrat gubernatorial candidates faced off for a debate.  If you’re looking for a contrast to the direction Republicans want for our state versus what Democrats want, look no further than this headline.

Headline: NH Gov Democratic Candidates Debate Income Tax

NHGOP Comment: “There’s really nothing to ‘debate’ when it comes to an income tax.  Republicans remain steadfastly opposed to an income tax, as are voters across the state.  All of the Democrat gubernatorial candidates have a bad record when it comes to an income tax in New Hampshire.  In Maggie Hassan’s case, she may be singing a different tune today, but she’s supported an income tax before, and it wasn’t long ago when she was the architect of the LLC tax.  Voters can trust that Republicans stand firm in their opposition, and the only thing to 'debate' is how long it will take Maggie to flip-flop back to her old position.” – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald

Background Info: “Hassan supported an income tax as an unsuccessful candidate for State Senate…” (James Pindell, “Hassan Announces Gov Run, Takes Tax Pledge,” WMURPoliticalScoop.com, 10/25/2012)