NHGOP Comments on Agreements on Education Funding & Voter ID

Concord, NH -- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statements after agreements were reached on an education amendment and voter ID legislation.

Education Amendment

“I want to commend our Republican leadership for keeping a steadfast focus on helping to resolve this challenging issue which impacts not only our state’s future but our children’s future.  This agreement is a positive and productive step that would allow voters – particularly parents – to have more say in education and how to make improvements.  Republicans remain committed to ensuring that our children’s success is the primary focus of our schools.”

Voter ID

“Voters continue to be rightly outraged by reports of voter fraud in New Hampshire.  We must do all that we can to protect the integrity of our elections and make sure that voters get to exercise one of their most fundamental rights.  This agreement will go a long way toward eliminating the problems we’ve faced and ensuring the integrity of our elections, which is especially critical given our First-in-the-Nation role.”