RLCNH Applauds Defeat of CACR 12 and the Passage of CACR 26 and CACR 13

CONCORD, N.H.—The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire expresses its deepest gratitude to the principled House Re- publicans who voted today to defeat CACR 12, an educational funding constitutional amendment that would have put the Claremont decision of the N.H. Supreme Court into the Constitution.

Separately, the RLCNH applauds the Legislature for passing CACR 26, a constitutional amendment to rein-in the rule-making authority of the courts and give that authority back to the Legislature, which is the proper policy-making body. The RLCNH also applauds the passage of CACR 13, which would constitutionally prohibit a personal income tax in New Hampshire. Both of these amendments support the state’s “Live Free or Die” motto and will help secure the New Hampshire Advantage.

CACR 12, the liberty-killing amendment that failed, would have given the Legislature a new “responsibility to maintain” public schools and the “full power and authority” to set curricula standards, funding mechanisms and the amount of funding on a commu- nity-by-community basis, which would allowed the Legislature to “redistribute wealth” and also would have led to a broad-based tax and ended the role of parents and local communities in educational decision-making.

“Advocates for CACR 12 were telling Republicans its effect would have been the exact opposite of what its real effect would have been, and I’m pleased a group of liberty-minded Republicans endorsed by the RLCNH were able to convince enough people to ignore the misinformation and do the right thing,” said Carolyn McKinney, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hamp- shire. “Now that CACR 12—a serious threat to liberty—is dead, the same liberty-minded representatives who killed it have become the leaders of the battle to restore the rights of parents and local communities when it comes to making educational curricula and funding decisions.

“I urge liberty-minded Republicans to focus in the future on bills or constitutional amendments, as needed, to give parents the right to move their educational tax dollars with their children to the schools of their choice, and bills or constitutional amendments, as needed, to restore curricula-decision making to parents and local communities,” McKinney added. “The only role the state should have in education is one of advice, not of control.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, which endorsed 107 elected officials in the current House and Senate, will begin the process of vetting candidates for the 2013-2014 session next week. Once the filing period is over, candidates will be invited to take a survey to determine whether their understanding of liberty demands their endorsement. Incumbent candidates will also be judged based on their roll call votes on RLCNH positions, and all candidates will be vetted by an endorsement committee to verify that candidates’ reputation stands up next to their survey scores and/or roll call voting record.

“We believe the tide is turning against statists of either party who put their faith and trust in government and toward a mindset closer to the ideals of our Founding Fathers,” McKinney said. “The RLCNH will remain active in endorsing liberty-minded Republicans, and committed to defeating Republicans and Democrats who believe in big government. Once the next session begins, we will remain intimately involved in the bill-making process to advance the principles of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsi- bility, free enterprise and adherence to the N.H. and U.S. Constitutions.”