CEI Today: Germany's green energy collapse, labor union rift, and ending price controls


Washington Examiner:
Sunday Reflection: The truth about Germany and the 'clean energy economy'


Germany's establishment media have chronicled that country's "green energy" collapse, and these stories are all available online, in English. Spiegel Online International, among others, has reported it in painful detail. Germany's energy sector is under the most stress of any in the country. It is hemorrhaging jobs.

Its "green" manufacturing companies are serially going bankrupt. Others now have valuations near penny-stock levels, and many have fled high-cost Germany for China -- a nation whose own English-language media also recently admitted was giving up the green-jobs ghost as well, now that its best customers for the costly gadgets have gone broke.

Germany's staggering electricity costs are three times what Americans pay, and rising.

This is all due to the same energy transformation law that Obama heralds as America's way out of economic malaise.   > View the full commentary on WashingtonExaminer.com

> Interview Christopher Horner



Openmarket.org: In New York, a Private/Public Sector Union Rift

The fact that government employee unions have been at the center of budget debates across the nation underscores their outsize influence on state and local government expenditures. Many states and municipalities face budget shortfalls so serious that even traditionally labor-friendly Democrats are having to confront the significant costs that unionization of the public workforce imposes. In some states, such as Rhode Island, Democratic politicians have implemented reforms in the face union opposition.

Now government unions seem to be experiencing strain in their relationship with another traditional ally: their private sector counterparts. In New York, a group of building trade unions have contributed to an organization that has backed Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo in his efforts to gain concessions from his state’s government employee unions. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

>Interview Ivan Osorio




Center-Right Groups Oppose Price Controls on Retailers and Banks

Two years after many retail associations lobbied successfully for price controls on the banks that process their debit cards – the Durbin Amendment of the Dodd-Frank financial “reform” – retailers themselves are facing a host of intrusive mandates. Leaders of 18 center-right groups call on Congress to reverse this bad policy karma by both repealing the Durbin amenmdent and resisting similar mandates on retailers.

 > Read the coalition letter on CEI.org

> Interview John Berlau


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