Congressman Charles Bass Officially Files for Re-election

Long Record of Working in a Bipartisan Manner, Supporting Small Business Growth,
and Fighting to Reduce America’s Debt and Deficit Offers Sharp Contrast to Hyper-Partisan Opponent

Concord, NH - Emphasizing the need for creating real, private sector jobs, ending gridlock, and reducing the nation's massive debt load, Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) officially filed for re-election today surrounded by supporters in Concord.  Bass said the country's current 8.2% unemployment rate and stagnant economy are unacceptable, and is our nation’s top priority.   Bass added that he will continue to push for increased cooperation across the political spectrum to support policies that will help small businesses grow and get people back to work.

"This election is not about Republicans or Democrats.   It’s about putting this country back on its feet again.   That begins with an honest effort to create an environment where the private sector can thrive, not whither under the burden of unnecessary regulations or federal mandates such as those in the President’s nationalized health care plan, which could crush small businesses,”  said Bass.  “Our private sector economy is not 'fine.'   Nor do I agree that tackling our nation's debt isn't an important 'issue of the day,' as some in this race have stated.  Republicans, Democrats and Independents can see that the President's economic plan is not working and think it is time to try something different.”

Referencing over 25 bills that the House has passed during the 112th Congress to help our economy grow, Bass spoke about the many small businesses he visited over the last two years that pleaded for the government to reduce burdensome regulation and simplify our complicated tax code. Small businesses employ roughly 95% of New Hampshire's workforce.

"Even though New Hampshire has fared better than many parts of the nation in this slow economy, there are too many individuals still looking for work, too many constituents that are under-employed and too much uncertainty for our job creators," state Bass.  "I have heard time and again from small business owners that the uncertainty caused by over-reaching regulations and the President's health care law is keeping them from hiring new employees. I recognize that government doesn't create jobs – but it can kill current jobs and prevent new ones by passing laws and policies that stifle growth.   I know, and the people of New Hampshire know, that small businesses and entrepreneurs create jobs.  The role of Congress is to create an environment that supports private sector job creators."

“In addition to getting our economy back on track creating jobs we have to solve our nation's unsustainable debt," said Bass. "Perhaps more than any other issue, reducing our debt and controlling our spending over the long term will require all parties to work together.   Over my time in Congress, I have reached across the aisle to partner with colleagues that were willing to show real leadership by supporting policies that were not always politically popular, but that would make a real impact on getting this nation's finances back in order, as well as the economy going again."

Bass noted the most recent example of his bi-partisan efforts, a budget he supported this year that was crafted after the recommendations of the President's Deficit Reduction Committee, known as Simpson-Bowles. While the budget made real concrete steps in reducing the nation's deficit and reforming entitlements, only 37 other members of Congress joined Bass in supporting the legislation.

"It’s gut check time in Washington. Our nation’s mountainous debt and deficit cannot be solved by increasing taxes on small businesses and ignoring the problems that currently plague our federal entitlement system, "Bass said.  "It will take compromise to solve these problems. Neither political party has the absolute answer to these issues, nor do I believe compromise is a capitulation of one's principles.  To the contrary, compromise is absolutely necessary to end gridlock and get something accomplished."

In addition to his focus on the economy and controlling spending, Bass has also garnered accolades across New Hampshire for his efforts to protect the state's pristine forests and lakes, and opposing those bills that would have a negative impact on our clean air.  Bass also wrote or helped author a number of bills this Congress that have bipartisan support including the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act (H.R. 3067), Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans Act (H.R. 1591), and the Smart Energy Act (H.R. 4017).

"This race for Congress offers voters a very clear and unmistakable choice.   I have never been afraid to break with my party when I believed it was the right thing for the people I represent.  My constituents know I have a long record of bringing New Hampshire common sense to Congress, along with a willingness to work with those that want to solve problems, not create political headlines.    My opponent’s record consists of many years of liberal activism, including trying to pass in an income tax in New Hampshire.  Her record of unyielding support for this Administration and Democratic leadership is there for all to see.   I look forward to a very active campaign and vigorously debating the issues that matter to the people of New Hampshire.

Bass resides in Peterborough with his wife and two children.