NH GOP - Shaheen's False Claim, Romney in NH Friday, Video "Doing Fine"

On Sunday, PolitiFactNH published a story that hasn’t received much attention but ran with this headline: “Shaheen Tax Claim Falls Through Loophole.”  Senator Jeanne Shaheen wrongly accused Granite Staters who take allowed exemptions and tax credits of exploiting “loopholes.”  PolitiFact ruled her statement “mostly false,” saying “her definition of a ‘loophole’ is a big stretch.”  Key excerpts below:

“Do the tax expenditures meet Shaheen’s characterization of loopholes? … In short, expenditures include all deductions, exemptions, credits and other programs that lead to revenue losses from the tax system.  But are those really loopholes? For example, can the popular home mortgage deduction – a key part of most families’ 1040s – be considered a loophole?”

“[Shaheen’s argument] include[s] exemptions for Social Security benefits, state and local taxes, veterans pensions and employee benefits, among hundreds of others. … and eliminating the deduction for interest on student loans could drive students deeper into debt.” (Jake Berry, “Shaheen Tax Claim Falls Through Loophole,” PolitiFactNH, 6/10/2012)

Does Senator Shaheen consider Granite Staters who claim this mortgage deduction to be exploiting a loophole?  Better yet, has Senator Shaheen ever included mortgage deductions or student loan deductions in her tax filings?  What about deductions for charitable contributions? 

In Case You Missed It: Other Political News – Romney in NH, RNC Web Video “Doing Fine” & GOP Candidate Recruitment/Filing

Romney in Stratham Friday at Scamman’s Farm

Portsmouth Herald: According to a campaign publication, Romney is scheduled to speak at the home of Doug and Stella Scamman at 10:30 a.m. Friday. Doors to the event will open at 9:30 a.m. Romney formally announced his candidacy at the farm at 69 Portsmouth Ave. a year ago. Doug Scamman last week said he had been in talks with Romney's campaign about the former Massachusetts governor coming back to the farm. Scamman, a former speaker of the New Hampshire House, is a Romney supporter. Romney went on to win a 16-point victory in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary in January. To RSVP and to get tickets, visit www.mittromney.com/states/new-hampshire. For more information, call 835-4073 or e-mail TeamNH@mittromney.com.


RNC Web Video “Doing Fine”

In case you missed it last week, President Obama told the American people why he hasn’t helped fix the economy.  He believes – and said – “The private sector is doing fine.”  Watch the RNC’s Web Video “Doing Fine.”  Click Here

GOP Candidate Recruitment

Eagle Tribune: “GOP members are optimistic.  ‘Republicans, from the top of the ticket down, are well prepared for November,’ GOP executive director Tory Mazzola said.  ‘Our candidates are running on a record of limited government, have fought to keep taxes low and helped boost job creation in the state.  That's a clear contrast with Democrats who want to return to the massive deficits and tax-and-spend policies of the past, a record that Maggie Hassan is trying to hide from voters this year,’ Mazzola said of the former state senator running for governor as a Democrat. … Mazzola said Republicans are doing well with recruiting. ‘We are doing very well organizing and recruiting candidates for office. ‘There is a great deal of enthusiasm from voters who want to make their voices heard on Election Day, but also we have many people who want to make a difference and run for office,’ he said.”