NHDP - ICYMI: Ovide Still Silent on Denouncing Alciere as GOP Convention Delegate

Rival Kevin Smith has denounced Tom Alciere who said "there's nothing wrong with slaughtering cops"


 Where is Ovide?


CONCORD - Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne remains silent on whether he would oppose Representative Tom Alciere and his candidacy for delegate to the 2012 New Hampshire GOP Convention based on his detestable comments that "there's nothing wrong with slaughtering cops."


According to a tweet by James Pindell of WMUR Political Scoop, the former Representative from Hudson (formerly of Nashua) signed up to run for delegate to the New Hampshire Republican Convention on Friday. 


Lamontagne's GOP primary rival Kevin Smith denounced the former State Representative on Twitter, saying that "Republicans should oppose Alciere's bid to be a delegate or anything else in the Republican party."

How long will Ovide remain silent on this and other outrageous comments made by members of his own party against police, women, and mentally disabled individuals.