FrackNation filmmakers invite public to submit footage for doc


The directors of FrackNation, a documentary about fracking, have announced a unique competition that will see video shot by the people featured in the film.

They want the public to record a one minute video that shows what energy means to them. The directors will choose three winners and their footage will be included in FrackNation. There will also be public competition where the video which receives the most votes from the public will win an iPad.

FrackNation director Phelim McAleer said they wanted the public and their lives to be a huge part of the documentary.

"There is a section in FrackNation which looks at how we all love energy and how awful our lives would be without it. So we want to hear from people about how they and their families love cheap energy"

FrackNation co-director Ann McElhinney says entries can be serious or fun.

"Cheap abundant energy may mean a family member on dialysis or it may mean a barbecue. It may even mean a toaster or a hair dryer or your car or a child's toy. In my case it’s a nice cold beer! So spend one minute filming how energy makes you happy and you may find your film featured in our documentary."

"We want to ‘crowdsource’ and find the best example of how cheap and abundant energy is making our lives fun and productive" added McElhinney.

According to the filmmakers, FrackNation aims to tell the truth about fracking - a process of extracting natural gas and oil from deep in the ground. Environmentalists have started a campaign against fracking which has already seen a "golden age" of cheap energy for many parts of the US. Some experts say fracking may "change the world" and mean a supply of cheap energy for hundreds of years to come.

FrackNation has already made headlines because of its unusual crowdfunding approach. The filmmakers raised funds to make the film through Kickstarter - a website that allows the public to contribute to creative projects they want to see made. Over 3000 people gave $212,000 to help FrackNation become a reality. The Kickstarter campaign was one of the most popular ever to be launched through the site.
"This is a people's film funded by the people - now we want the public to contribute some content also. We want their voices to be heard and their views on energy to reach a wider audience" said McAleer.

FrackNation is currently in post production and will be released later in the year.

To hear the film makers explain the competition in more detail go to: