NHDP - Another Member of O'Brien's Tea Party Army Marching Towards State Senate

GOP Rep. and O'Brien Loyalist John Reagan Has Repeatedly Put the Tea Party Over District



CONCORD - State Representative John Reagan's career in the New Hampshire House has been one of obedience to Speaker O'Brien's radical Tea Party agenda and against the interests of the people of District 17.  Now, he is planning to bring that his O'Brien rubber stamp to the Senate.


"John Reagan is yet another solider in the O'Brien Army trying to continue their extreme radical agenda," said Collin Gately, spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Reagan voted to allow felons to have firearms; to take away insurance coverage for birth control from New Hampshire women; to repeal kindergarten and to say that children did not have to go to school at all."


Reagan has voted to let oil companies take pre-buy money from consumers and never deliver their oil and he voted to let out-of-state companies charge 300 percent interest rates on loans.


"New Hampshire can't afford Reagan's extreme social agenda," Gately said. "As a member of the House, Reagan has already shown that he will put his extreme social agenda ahead of middle-class families, why we would trust him in the New Hampshire Senate?"


Reagan Votes: HB581, 1/4/2012, SB160, 1/4/2012; HB 631, 2/23/2011; HB 1, 3/31/11; HB 542, 3/15/12; HB 1546, 3/7/2012