NHDP - Democratic Leaders Call On Ovide to Tell NH Citizens: What Does It Mean to Be "Scott Walker on Steroids"?

Will You Eliminate All Collective Bargaining? Repeal NH's Equal Pay Law? Repeal Contraception Equity? De-Fund Planned Parenthood?



CONCORD - Ovide Lamontagne should tell the people of New Hampshire what he means when he promises to be "Scott Walker on steroids," Democratic leaders said today.


"Ovide Lamontagne has always radical social agenda - he has long pushed to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban all abortions, and even some forms of birth control," said Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen.


"So Ovide Lamontagne should tell us will he repeal New Hampshire's Equal Pay law? Will he repeal New Hampshire's birth control equity law? Will he defund Planned Parenthood? These are all things Scott Walker did - or tried to do - in Wisconsin.The people of New Hampshire deserve to know if Ovide Lamontagne plans to follow Scott Walker's example on these important issues."  


Lamontagne made the comments at a forum at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem.  


Ovide Lamontagne testified on - and promised he would make a priority as Governor - a so-called right-to-work law, which would void portions of existing agreements between workers and their employers. Scott Walker attempted to eliminate collective bargaining rights altogether for some public employees - even though employees had made significant givebacks on their contracts, saving the state money.


"Does being Scott Walker on steroids mean that Ovide will take away the rights of both public and private employees to negotiate agreements with their employers? Ovide Lamontagne should tell the people of New Hampshire what he means, and what it will mean to them," Rep Jeff Goley said.


"As Governor, John Lynch has brought our state together to focus on solving problems. Ovide Lamontagne has already said he wants to be 'radically different' than Gov. Lynch, and now we may know what he means," Larsen said. "Like Scott Walker, it appears that Ovide Lamontagne plans  to open war on workers and women, tearing our state apart, instead of bringing us together to build a stronger economy for middle-class families. "