NHDP - Krasucki Will Back Tea Party, Not District 13 in Senate

One-Term GOP State Rep and Newly Declared Senate Candidate Has Repeatedly Voted Against His District's Residents


CONCORD - State Representative Joe Krasucki's short tenure in the New Hampshire House has been marked by repeatedly voting against the interests of the people of District 13.  Now, he is making the claim that he will represent their interests in the State Senate? Unlikely.


"In less than two years, Joe Krasucki has voted time and time again against the interests of his constituents and with Bill O'Brien's radical Tea Party agenda," said Collin Gately, spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"Krasucki has voted to let oil companies take pre-buy money from consumers and never deliver their oil and he voted to let out-of-state companies charge 300 percent interest rates on loans," Gately said.  "He supported efforts to repeal public kindergarten, to cut funding for higher education in half, and even to tell kids that they don't have to go to school at all.


Krasucki also voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood and to raise costs on women by repealing insurance coverage for contraceptives.


"New  Hampshire can't afford Krasucki's extreme social agenda," Gately said. "As a member of the House, Krasucki has already shown that he will put his extreme social agenda ahead of middle-class families,  why we would trust him in the New Hampshire Senate?



Krasucki Votes: HB581, 1/4/2012, SB160, 1/4/2012; HB 631, 2/23/2012; HB 1, 3/31/11; HB 542, 3/15/12; HB 228, 1/5/2012; HB 1546, 3/7/2012