Sen. Andy Sanborn Announces Re-Election Campaign

Senator Andy Sanborn has announced his candidacy for re-election to the New Hampshire State Senate in District 9 today. Citing the need to continue the Senate’s focus on job creation, reducing red tape and lowering taxes for the working citizens of New Hampshire, Sanborn said, “While we have accomplished much in the Senate, we have more to do if we are to re-establish New Hampshire as the best place in America to live, work and play.”

Known as New Hampshire’s most pro-business state senator, Sanborn -- who led the charge to repeal the LLC Income Tax -- has proven his fiscal focus as Vice Chairman of the Commerce Committee and Vice Chairman of the Capital Budget Committee. “Having spent most of my life in the world of finance and being an entrepreneur gives me that laser focus on what is really important to the people of this state, and that’s insuring our state is frugal with people’s tax dollars,” said Sanborn.

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Sanborn’s re-election Co-Chair, said, “Andy has been a strong voice for small business and job growth in the Senate. As a private citizen, he led the effort to overturn the LLC Income Tax and as a state senator he fought to balance the state budget.”

In addition to his proven “fiscal hawk” efforts, Sanborn also cited his work representing local communities in the fight against downshifting from an overreaching state government, as well as his advocacy work for our veterans through championing legislation to insure all active military personnel have access to our state park system. He also successfully led efforts to protect active outdoor activities through strengthening landowner liability protections, and helped to protect our elderly by restructuring assisted living facility protections. Additionally, Andy has brought together a group of New Hampshire business leaders to establish a plan to modernize and improve the interaction between business and government, called “The Business One-Stop.”

Senate President Peter Bragdon said, “Senator Sanborn has been an invaluable member of the Senate team, and has demonstrated a common sense approach to solving problems. Andy has worked incredibly hard to be a strong advocate for our local communities and the small businesses of this state. I look forward to him joining us back in the Senate and he has my full support.”

Sanborn concluded “I look forward to meeting the voters of the 14 towns which make up Senate District 9 and being their advocate in Concord.” For more information, please visit