Heritage - Is America doing fine? Should we change course?

The huge victory in Wisconsin for limited government has provided Heritage with a fitting backdrop for releasing two new must-read books.


By: Dr. Matt Spalding 
Voters face a critical decision this November. Will our nation continue down the path of tax and spend government or will we reforms similar to those of Gov. Scott Walker's that lead to job creation and prosperity? Will we venture down the path of liberal progressivism or return to Constitutional self-governance? Copies are available for purchase online at Amazon.com.


By: Dr. Ed Feulner and Mr. Brian Tracy
The book focuses on what it means to be a true American. Dr. Feulner and Mr. Tracy use personal stories and eye-opening statistics to explain the aspects of American character that make our country exceptional. After reading the book Congresswoman Michele Bachmann commented, It should be the primer in every classroom on American citizenship. Mr. Feulner and Mr. Tracy masterfully bring optimism at a day and hour when our American spirit most needs revival.” Copies are available for purchase online at Amazon.com.


The Private Sector is Not "Doing Fine"
President Obama recently stated, "the private sector is doing fine." The actual labor statistics paint a much worse picture. The private sector lost 4.6 million jobs (a 3.9% drop) since the recession began. See the graph and read the Foundry blog post for the details.


Unions are Down, but Not Out
With falling membership numbers on union rosters and a major defeat in Wisconsin, the Obama administration has turned to a new strategy on labor issues. The National Labor Relations Board has allowed micro-unions to be organized among workers with similar job titles at a business to avoid having the entire staff vote. This has allowed a unique union election to occur at the Bergdorf Goodman department store. But most employees will not get to vote; only shoe salesmen will cast ballots. Not all shoe salesmen, however. Only those selling women’s shoes! Read the details in Amy Payne's Foundry blog post.


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Don't Ignore the Heart in the Battle for Minds
Conservatives often use facts and logical arguments to persuade people to embrace liberty, but you need to develop the ability to appeal to other people’s values to be truly effective. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. The Institute for Humane Studies offers advice on framing issues and persuading others in their book Creating Your Path to a Career in Public Policy. The book recommends an approach developed by Aaron Wildavsky and Mary Douglas called “Values-Based Communication.” Read the article on InsiderOnline.org to learn more.