ALG's Daily Grind: Are you better off?

June 15, 2012

Are you better off?

The fact is that Barack Obama's presidency is defined by the economy, and whether a pithy one liner emerges to define it or not, he will be rehired or fired based upon how voters view their economic situation and that of those who they love.

Video: Mitch Daniels And Others Do Not Support Public Employee Unions

Hear from Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson on unions in the public workforce. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has his opinion too.

The Democrat's War on Small Business

Very similar policies to those promoted by the Obama administration were first enacted voluntarily by Herbert Hoover, then legislatively by FDR.  These policies were able to turn the Stock Market Crash of 1929 into the decade long Great Depression.

Daily Caller: Critics say Bureau of Labor Statistics nominee linked to left-wing groups

ALG Communications Director Rick Manning: "The integrity of the Bureau of Labor Statistics lies entirely in the belief that the data they present is not skewed by political opinion."