NHDP - VIDEO: O'Brien's Tea Party Army Attempting to Infiltrate State Senate

Republican State Senate Candidates in Open Districts Have Ties to Bill O'Brien's Radical House Agenda


CONCORD - Apparently angered at the few minor roadblocks the State Senate put in the way of his most extreme agenda items, it appears that Bill O'Brien has dispatched his Tea Party Army from the House to infiltrate the State Senate.


"Many of the Republican candidates for the State Senate have served - or campaigned to serve - as party of Bill O'Brien's Tea Party army in the New Hampshire House of Representatives," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Now they moving on to the state Senate to try to force through the most radical parts of their agenda - repealing kindergarten, ending compulsory education, defunding Planned Parenthood and eliminating health insurance coverage for birth control."


The current Republican state Senate went along with much of O'Brien's agenda - cutting funding for higher education in half; allowing companies to charge consumers 300 percent interest rates; cutting state funds for public schools while voting to send millions in tax dollars to private schools. But knowing they were unlikely to become law without a Republican governor, Republican senators did slow down some of the most extreme items on O'Brien's wish list.

 O'Brien's Tea Party Senate candidates have voted to let oil companies take pre-buy money from consumers and never deliver their oil. They have voted to cut public kindergarten and to say kids don't have to go to school at all. They have pushed multiple efforts to limit access to abortions and birth control - including repealing insurance coverage for birth coverage.  


They have also voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood and to raise costs on women by repealing insurance coverage for contraceptives.


"New Hampshire can't afford any more of Bill O'Brien's Tea Party extremism.  New Hampshire voters are seeing first-hand the damaged that Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party cronies have done in the House and they will reject their brand of putting ideology over working for common sense solutions for the middle class," said Buckley.  "As a members of, or candidates for, the House many of these candidates has already shown that he will put Bill O'Brien's extreme social agenda ahead of middle-class families, why we would trust any of them in the New Hampshire Senate?"


GOP Senate Candidates featured in the video include:  


Rep. John Hikel
Rep. John Reagan
Fmr. State Rep. Candidate Josh Youssef
Rep. Joe Osgood
Rep. John Krasucki
Rep. Sam Cataldo
Rep. Peter Bolster
Rep. Gail Barry
Rep. Phil Greazzo 
Rep. Ken Hawkins
Rep. Jon Richardson 


Watch the video HERE.


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