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June 2012 AFP Update


What's Happening at AFP

Live from RightOnline

Today, our sister organization, AFP Foundation, kicked off RightOnline, 2012's premier new media event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Headlining tonight's events was former Governor Sarah Palin, who fired up the crowd in the midst of a standing ovation. "The reason we have new media is because the old media was simply not telling the truth," Palin said.

AFP Foundation President Tim Phillips kicked off RightOnline by testing the theories of the left, and paying tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart. "Tonight we honor someone who was truly revolutionary. Someone who stood in the public arena and fought unflinchingly for economic and personal freedom. Tonight we honor the late, great Andrew Breitbart," Phillips said.

RightOnline attendees were treated to a never before seen preview of Hating Breitbart, a documentary tracking Andrew Breitbart's impact in the media, and an advance screening of Occupy Unmasked, a documentary produced by RightOnline sponsor, Citizens United.

RightOnline continues today with more great speakers including Scott Rasmussen, Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Dana Loesch, Guy Benson, Hugh Hewitt, Ann McElhinney, Lars Larson, Roger Hedgecock, S.E. Cupp, Rusty Humphries, and Congressman Joe Heck, and break-out sessions designed to educate and inspire citizens as they maximize their presence online. General sessions of RightOnline will be streamed online, at 9:00AM, 1:00PM, and 7:00PM. Click here to watch the livestream of the sessions.

AFP Believes in a Better Wisconsin

AFP recently demonstrated what we are all about: Educating Americans on the importance of economic freedom, fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin held "A Better Wisconsin" ten-city bus tour which kicked off a grassroots effort to push for a balanced budget and fiscal discipline in the budget process going into 2013. This tour was a great opportunity to take our message on the road and directly to our activists in all corners of the state.

Click here to view the exciting highlight reel from the "A Better Wisconsin" bus tour!

In four days, we were able to visit ten cities and talk face to face with hundreds of Wisconsin patriots. From seeing folks in Sheboygan come out on a chilly 45 degree afternoon in the rain to 4,000 come out to the Racine Tea Party Rally on Saturday it was an inspiring trip.

Activists rallied together across Wisconsin to listen to speakers, participate in AFP Freedom Phone Banks, and spread the message of how economic reform is working in their state. We are very proud of what our Wisconsin activists and AFP staff were able to accomplish in ten days and look forward to continuring this effort in the months and years ahead.

Wisconsin Leads the Way
By: Luke Hilgemann-State Director, AFP-Wisconsin

Wisconsin has been at the forefront of a national conversation for the past 18 months. We have been firsthand witnesses to a battle that has been raging for years. The question dominating discussions in the Badger State has been the role of government and how much we are willing to bow down to its ever-increasing influence. The reason we are the center of this debate is we have been able to see two drastically different approaches to government reign in Wisconsin.

One side said that tax increases were the answer that deficits didn't matters and the public-employee unions were in charge. The other said that we need to control spending, that Wisconsinites has been taxed enough and large-scale changes were needed to reform our budget. The apex of this debate came to a head on Tuesday when voters decided the path forward for Wisconsin. Wisconsin's voice was heard loud and clear: We support leaders who stick to their word and deliver results.

The Cutting Edge of Grassroots

This May, Americans for Prosperity launched a new version of our Freedom Phones, the ground-breaking technology that allows individual callers to make a substantial amount of calls in a short amount of time. AFP's Freedom Phone System sends out multiple calls at the same time and connects volunteers instantly with the phone line that picks up. This eliminates the tedious time spent listening to dial-tones, voicemails, and busy signals allowing activists to spend more time talking to real people.

Since the launch of the new Freedom Phones, AFP activists have made 320,000 calls around the nation. Virginia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida are leading the Freedom Phone Banks by having made over 30,000 calls in their individual states. This is a system that has allowed AFP and our activists to take the next step in the fight for economic freedom.

If you are looking for a great way to get involved with AFP, this is it! You may dial into the system from any phone, landline or cell, from any location. "All you need is a cell phone and script," said Dane Winkelmann, AFP National Field Coordinator. "You can call from home while sitting on your couch watching a baseball game. Freedom Phones bring simplicity to our activists."

If you would like to get involved in our Freedom Phone Banks, click here.

Become a part of changing the grassroots movement today!

AFP's New Look

Americans for Prosperity got a face lift last week with the launch of the new website and logo redesign. Our marketing team has been hard at work to bring you the new face of AFP.

After months of hard work and preparation the website is ready for use!

In addition to a website with more aesthetic appeal and easier navigation, our mobile application is best for our Field Staff and activists. Being able to take a high functioning website on-the-go is the key to raising the bar in our fight for economic freedom. Not only will our door-to-door canvassing become more effective, but so will our Freedom Phone Banks and basic activist outreach.

Head on over and check out the new and improved AFP website!

Another thing you might have noticed looking a little different is our logo. We didn't want to limit ourselves by improving only one aspect about our online presence; we wanted to overhaul it to maximize our outreach. The torch logo was designed to represent freedom, what AFP commits to preserve.

We hope you love our new look as much as we do!

Activists of the Month

Oriannah Paul, founder of The Sheboygan Liberty Coalition, moved to Wisconsin in the 80's and took up politics shortly after the 2008 election. Voting in general elections was the extent of her political activity until President Obama began implementing harmful economic policies and she began worrying about the direction of the country.

She first got involved with our organizations at AFP Foundation's Wisconsin's Defending the American Dream Summit in 2009, and then again at AFP-WI's tax day rally at the Capitoll. Attending these inspired her to found the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition. On September 5, 2009, the SLC held their first TEA Party with over 4,000 attendees rallying behind concerns of government irresponsibility, excessive spending, breaches against our Constitution and systematic stripping away of our liberties and freedoms.

During the "A Better Wisconsin Bus Tour" last week, Oriannah and other members of the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition joined AFP-WI's Freedom Phone Banks. Her favorite part of the bus tour was getting to hear the powerful and motivating speeches from Tim Phillips, Tony Katz, Luke Hilgemann, and others.

Being an activist hasn't always been easy, but it definitely has been rewarding. Oriannah calls out to other activists by telling them, "It is imperative we remain involved, vigilant and fight the good fight to reclaim America. Liberty is the right to choose, freedom is the result of that choice. If we lose this battle, we will lose both that right and freedom, and the America we know and love. The time for ALL patriots to rise up is now."

Thank you Oriannah for all you do for The Sheboygan Liberty Coalition, AFP-WI and the fight for freedom.

Gregg Cummings is a Veteran of the US Army as an Airborne Ranger, retired police officer, husband and father that began his career as an activist when he heard Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi read off the terrorist watch list and noticed US Veteran names being read. He then started the local We the People Tea Party of Southern Iowa, from there worked with others as a co-founding member of the Iowa Grassroots Coalition, and then later became a national team member, and the State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots.

Fiscal responsibility is essential to our liberties and freedoms as individual citizens of this great nation, and upholding those responsibilities brought him to Americans for Prosperity-Iowa where he began working closely with our state staff, Mark Lucas and Drew Klein.

Gregg has been a force for the conservative movement in Iowa and we are proud to feature his outstanding work here at Americans for Prosperity.

Keep up the good work!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, June 18th – Montana Kicks off their "Tester Truth Tour" bus tour
  • Saturday, June 21st – AFP Foundation-Missouri hosts their "Defending the American Dream" Summit
  • Friday, August 2nd – Americans for Prosperity Foundation kicks of the national "Defending the American Dream" Summit in Washington DC.

If you would like more information on the events happening in your state, click here.


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