ALG's Daily Grind: National Review's Soviet-style central plan

June 18, 2012

National Review's Soviet-style central plan

Magazine joins Paul Krugman promoting the dangerous idea that a printing press will lead us to prosperity.

Cartoon: Doing Fine

Obama: "The private sector is doing fine."

GAO Report Overlooks Key Figures that Show Younger Workers with Higher Unemployment than Older Workers

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: GAO report's own figures show since 2000 the labor force participation rates of workers age 55 and older have actually been rising, while the labor participation rates for workers who range in age from 16 to 24 have dropped.

Faulty FDEP science drives unnecessary Florida mercury scare

By scaring women and children into eating less fish, and thus getting fewer Omega 3 fatty acids, FDEP's misleading literature on "dangerous mercury levels" in fish will actually impair their health.