Hassan Praises Governor’s Veto of Private School Tax Credit

MANCHESTER– Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement on Governor Lynch's veto of the private school tax credit.
“I applaud Gov. Lynch’s veto of legislation that would have diverted millions of dollars in taxpayer money from our public schools to private schools, including religious schools. This legislature has said the state can’t afford to support public education. It has cut in half funding for higher education and reduced aid to local public schools, shifting costs to property taxpayers.  Now the legislature, and the Republican candidates for governor, want to send millions in taxpayer money to private schools. Ovide Lamontagne, Kevin Smith and this legislature have the wrong priorities for New Hampshire’s middle-class families and economy. Our educational system, including our public colleges and universities, are crucial to ensuring we have the best-trained workforce in the country, ready to tackle the jobs of an innovative and growing economy. We should be focusing our state resources on our public schools, colleges and universities.”