Kevin Smith: Lynch Veto of SB 372 Is Par For The Course; I Will Fight For School Choice As Governor

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor in New Hampshire, made the following statement regarding Governor John Lynch’s veto of SB 372:

“I’m dismayed at Governor Lynch’s veto of SB 372, which would have allowed businesses to receive a tax credit by establishing a program to award scholarship funds to New Hampshire students. Governor Lynch is turning his back on making our state a leader in education reform.

“While other states are employing innovative solutions to empower families and students, giving greater flexibility to administrators, and providing real choices in education, the Democrats and Governor Lynch continue to bow to labor unions and oppose needed reforms.

“In vetoing this bill, Governor Lynch showed how our children’s education has been high-jacked by special  interests. Instead of looking out for the interests of New Hampshire’s families, he is carrying the water for the unions in the state.

“The inaction and lack of leadership by Governor Lynch on both the education funding amendment and on education reform as a whole is more evidence that we need to restore the corner office to competent hands. We must empower families and students, encourage merit based pay and tenure reform, give greater flexibility to administrators, strengthen support for charter schools, pass school choice, and allow our education system to address the different needs of all our students.

“I supported SB 372, and as governor I will work to allow a business tax credit for this type of scholarship program. Despite what Governor Lynch indicated, this is not about shifting funds among schools – it’s about giving students choices in education and getting our business community to more directly support the future workers of our state. The bill’s “cost” would represent less than a quarter of a percent (0.0025) of all the elementary and secondary expenditures according to the NH Department of Education’s latest data. Governor Lynch’s veto ensures that the only people who decide how education funds get spent are elected officials and bureaucrats – not the families who have school aged children.”