ALG's Daily Grind: Harbingers of Doom for Obama?

May 31, 2012


Harbingers of Doom for Obama?

Prominent Democrats are leaving Obama's party on issues of conscience.

Video: The President Botches A Fact On A Country That's Growing Financially

The President said something that hurt a lot of people in Poland. By the way, Poland has seen upward momentum. America would love to see upward momentum too, but we have Barack Obama instead.

America's actual health and welfare crisis

The real dangers are not from factory or power plant emissions, or supposed effects of dangerous manmade global warming, they are the result of policies and regulations that the EPA is imposing in the name of preventing climate change.

Alderman and Ewing: Most Aid to Athens Circles Back to Europe

"The European bailout of 130 billion euros ($163.4 billion) that was supposed to buy time for Greece is mainly servicing only the interest on the country's debt - while the Greek economy continues to struggle."