CEI Today: Donuts & Bloomberg soda ban, national R&D bank, and NLRB ethics


CEI.org: On National Donut Day, Be a Patriot – Eat One for Yourself, One for Your Freedom

In a week that New York City’s mayor announced a planned ban on large-size sugary sodas, consumers have a chance to fight back - with donuts.  Friday is National Donut Day, created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the American women who served donuts to soldiers in World War I. But now, it’s becoming a day to stand up to government food regulators. > Read more about National Donut Day at CEI.org

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Forbes.com: Can Big Science Bypass Congress and Help Itself to Cash?


A rather extraordinary proposal is making the rounds among the scientific grandees who live comfortably on your tax dollars, but are increasingly worried that budget constraints might cramp their style.

A conference organized by the New America Foundation recently brought together government scientists, concerned journalists, and public policy experts to tackle the question of how to “Save America’s knowledge enterprise” from tight budgets and the threat posed by “primitive myths of the lone inventor.” United in the belief that progress does not come from individuals but, rather, from big collective enterprises, these experts in Washington proposed that they should all feast from … a national R&D Bank.

  > Read the full commentary on Forbes.com


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WashingtonTimes.com: Big union’s unethical influence in government


In one of the most glaring examples of Washington’s sordid revolving-door political culture, former National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) member Craig Becker took a job as co-general counsel with the AFL-CIO barely six months after leaving the government. Mr. Becker was the first-ever NLRB member to be appointed directly from a union. At the time of his recess appointment by President Obama, he worked as an attorney for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

The fact that Mr. Becker left a large union, worked for the federal agency that is supposed to function as a neutral arbitrator in labor disputes, and then went back to another labor organization as soon as his appointment ended should raise questions about his ability to act as an independent judge.  > Read the full commentary on Washingtimes.com



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CEI Podcast for May 31, 2012: Ten Thousand Commandments

Congress passed 81 bills last year, while agencies passed 3,807 regulations. This, according to Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews, is regulation without representation. Crews discusses this and other findings from the just-released 2012 edition of his annual report, “Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Regulatory State.”



Ten Thousand Commandments 2012

An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State
May 15, 2012

The scope of federal government spending and deficits is sobering. Yet the government’s reach extends well beyond the taxes Washington collects and its deficit spending and borrowing. Federal environmental, safety and health, and economic regulations cost hundreds of billions—perhaps trillions—of dollars every year over and above the costs of the official federal outlays that dominate the policy debate.

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