Josiah Bartlett Center Weekly Update (6/1)

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

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on the issues impacting New Hampshire

Let's Follow the Path Canada Laid Out for Us

In the general debt and spending crisis that envelops Europe and is spilling across the Atlantic, we can find inspiration in unlikely places – this time, Canada. The recent Canadian experience shows what’s wrong with the rhetoric of both parties, the benefit of sequestration, and the parallel to the recent New Hampshire experience.... Click here to keep reading.


Healthcare Exchange Ban Heads to Governor
Bill Prohibits State from Setting up Exchange

The New Hampshire House has agreed to Senate changes to a bill blocking implementation of health insurance exchanges under ObamaCare, sending the legislation to Governor John Lynch.... Click here to read more.

Education Funding Amendment

Grant Bosse and Jack Heath look into the language agreed to by Governor John Lynch and House and Senate leaders in this week’s edition of The Josiah Bartlett Report
. Click Here to Listen.

DC Plan Falls in Committee of Conference

Agreed in Principle, Disagreed on Details

A study commission that would have looked at instituting a defined contribution retirement plan (i.e. a 401(k) style plan) for state employees failed to make it pass a committee of conference. Click here to keep reading.