NHDP - Anti-Women's Health Activist Michael Tierney Wrong for New Hampshire and the Executive Council

Tierney announced his candidacy for Executive Council District 2 this afternoon


CONCORD - Anti-women's health extremist Michael Tierney recently sued Planned Parenthood to stop dispensing birth control pills in New Hampshire, he criticized the GOP NH legislature for not being extreme-enough in their crusade against reproductive rights, and he has authored legal research specifically on how to enforce abortion restrictions in cases where a women's health is at risk - all extreme views that are wrong for New Hampshire's Executive Council, said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"Mr. Tierney's crusade against birth control pills, women's health, and legal family planning care in New Hampshire is an extreme and out-of-the-mainstream agenda that should have nothing to do with our state Executive Council," said Buckley. 

  • This April, as an attorney for New Hampshire Right to Life, Tierney sued Planned Parenthood attempting to claim that the health centers must stop dispensing birth control pills.      
  • The suit is paid for by the right-wing "Alliance Defense Fund," a "conservative Christian advocacy group" based in Scottsdale Arizona.   
  • Earlier this year, Tierney served as spokesperson for anti-reproductive choice "Susan B. Anthony List," criticizing the Republican-dominated New Hampshire legislature for not being extreme enough in their efforts to defund Planned Parenthood in the state.    
  • According to his professional biography, Mr. Tierney's legal work centers on restricting access to reproductive health care, and "his published articles include Post-Viability Abortion Bans and the Limits of the Health Exception, 80 Notre Dame L. Rev. 465 (2004)."