NHDP - New Spending Report Shows Guinta Continues to Lead Congress in Franking Charges

Candidate Guinta Attacked "Franking" Spending, Now a Franking Spendthrift


CONCORD - As reported in Roll Call today, Congressman Frank Guinta is continuing his hypocritical and wasteful spending in 2012, landing on the list of top ten highest spending users of taxpayer-funded mail in Congress. Guinta has spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on highly produced, campaign-style literature.   


"Another day, another report of Frank Guinta continuing his hypocritical and wasteful spending in Washington," said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.   "Frank Guinta has voted to turn Medicare into a "voucher plan" that will cost New Hampshire seniors more than $6,000 a year. Well, Frank Guinta should start by cutting his own spending."


According to Roll Call, Guinta was among the top 10 highest spending members of Congress on taxpayer-funded mail from April 2011 through March of this year.   Frank's spending shows no sign of slowing, as previous accounts show that Guinta also led his colleagues in spending on taxpayer-funded mail in 2011.


Less than two years ago Guinta was attacking other members of Congress for similar mailings.  In February 2008, the Union Leader declared the practice "offensive" and called on the members to apologize. 


In a June 9, 2010 statement, candidate Guinta promised to enact a reform of the franking system, calling the practice "electioneering." In 2008, then-GOP Party Chair Fergus Cullen also called out members of Congress for sending "politically-driven mail from their Federal congressional offices at taxpayer expense" not unlike what is currently arriving in 1st District mailboxes from Congressman Guinta.


"It is time for Frank Guinta to follow his own advice, the advice of his Party and of the Union Leader by returning the money that he is continuing to spend on these campaign materials to the taxpayers and issue a apology for running for re-election with their hard-earned money," said Buckley.