AFPNH - RGGI Reform and Liquid RGGI Prohibition Become Law!

First, the Liquid RGGI prohibition passed by the legislature became law this week. We have been advocating all year for this piece of legislation that will protect NH consumers and prohibit YOU from paying a hidden tax on fuel costs. CLICK HERE to read more about this important legislative victory.

Additionally, the RGGI Reform bill, HB 1490, has become law. We believe this bill is a step in the right direction and will provide much-needed relief for NH ratepayers who have been burdened by this cap-and-trade program for too long. We are pleased that Governor Lynch has finally realized the failure of the RGGI program and look forward to New Hampshire’s eventual withdrawal from RGGI under a Republican governor

Secondly, Governor Lynch signed into law this week HB 1297 prohibiting NH from setting up or participating in a state health care exchange. This is a significant push back against the Obama Administration’s health care law which is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. CLICK HERE to read more.

Third, we need you to fight for school choice in New Hampshire! Governor Lynch vetoed SB 372, which would establish an education tax credit against the business profits tax and/or the business enterprise tax for contributions to educational scholarship funds.

As you may recall, the HOUSE and SENATE passed this bill earlier this year with veto-proof majorities. But we cannot take anything for granted. Please contact your legislators and urge them to override the Governor’s veto of SB 372 next Wednesday, June 27.

Please use these links to find your legislators in the HOUSE and SENATE and let them know you want them to override the Governor’s veto of school choice!

Finally, for those of you who could not attend the Americans for Prosperity Foundation fifth annual RightOnline Conference over the weekend in Las Vegas, you can use THIS LINK to watch videos from the event.

Additionally, I encourage you to learn more about another Americans for Prosperity Foundation event, the Defending the Dream Summit, which will take place August 2-4 in Washington, D.C. Please CLICK HERE to learn more and CLICK HERE for details on early bird registration prices!



Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

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