Hassan Announces Plans for Greater Oversight, Consumer Input into Medicaid Managed Care Implementation

CONCORD, NH– Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan today announced plans for ensuring greater oversight and consumer involvement in the state’s transition to the already approved Medicaid managed care program. 

“We have a responsibility to spend taxpayer dollars wisely and to be open to innovations that can save money,” Hassan said. “That also means ensuring that we are getting what we pay for – high-quality health care for the children, seniors and people with disabilities being helped through Medicaid.” 

In remarks before the Children’s Alliance of New Hampshire today, Hassan announced that as Governor she will issue an Executive Order creating a commission of consumers and financial and health care experts, to directly advise her on the state’s transition to Medicaid Managed Care. 

“Most of us are in managed care plans ourselves and we know their benefits and their potential shortcomings,” Hassan said. “A well-operated Medicaid Managed Care program can and should save money and allow New Hampshire to maintain important investments in health care. But financial savings cannot come at the expense of quality, accessible care.”

The transition schedule is ambitious, Hassan said, and the change will affect the lives and health care of thousands of New Hampshire citizens. 

“As Governor, I will be directly involved in making sure that the transition to Medicaid Managed Care is done right, and that is working for taxpayers and people,” Hassan said.