MPP - Lynch Vetoes Medical Marijuana Bill

Patients Hopes Rest with House and Senate

CONCORD -- Today Governor John Lynch followed through on his threat to veto SB 409, New Hampshire’s medical marijuana bill.  The bill will now return to the House and Senate for a final vote that will decide the bill’s fate.

            Veto override votes are planned for June 27 in both the House and Senate.

            The veto came as no surprise. Lynch vetoed similar legislation in 2009, after which the House voted by more than two-thirds to override the veto, but support in the Senate fell two votes short of the necessary two-thirds.

            Senator Jim Forsythe (R-Strafford), prime sponsor of SB 409, vowed he would continue urging his colleagues to vote in favor so seriously ill patients can finally be protected from arrest if their doctors recommend medical marijuana.

            “This is a limited, responsible bill, and it’s designed to protect some of our state’s most desperately ill citizens,” Forsythe said. “SB 409 has gained momentum and support throughout the legislative process, and the result of our hard work is a bill the House and Senate should be proud to pass into law.”.

            Tuftonboro resident Ted Wright, whose wife Cindy has been battling breast cancer more than 18 years, urged the House and Senate to do the right thing and protect patients. “Despite the governor’s unfortunate veto, there’s no reason patients like Cindy should have to wait another day for medical marijuana to be a legal option,” Wright explained.

            Matt Simon, a legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, agreed, saying, “Governor Lynch has chosen to bury his head in the sand on this issue, but ultimately it will be legislators who decide the fate of patients, and they know their constituents will be watching.”

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