Durham, NH Receives Right to Know Law Request Regarding Anonymous Donation for Campaign-Related Expenses

All Media Outlets,

On June 24, 2012, an anonymous donor, a Durham resident, contacted the Town Administrator and Council Chair and offered to pay for the town public safety costs up to $20,000 associated with Monday's presidential campaign visit to Durham.  We are grateful for this generous offer.  The resident asked to remain anonymous because this individual values privacy for her/himself and for her/his family.  By mid-day Monday, the Administrator's Office had received several right to know law requests, one of which was from Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire, relative to the anonymous $20,000 donation offer.  Requests were also received from WMUR and the Associated Press.

Openness in the conduct of public business is essential to a democratic society and we practice this daily in Durham, NH.  Because the offer from the anonymous Durham resident was made verbally, there exist no documents which pertain to it at this time.  When the Town is in receipt of the funds, we will most certainly entertain further requests for information and will provide that information in accordance with the NH Right to Know Law. 

Separate and distinct from the anonymous donor, the Town did receive one check in the amount of $150.00 this morning from Martha and David Burton of Durham, NH.   The check was presented to the Town Clerk's Office and is made out to the Town of Durham.  The subject line reads "Obama visit expenses." 

Today's presidential campaign visit ran smoothly and without incident.  It is a privilege for any community to host a sitting President of any party and our proud public safety personnel within the police, fire, and public works departments performed their jobs with distinction.  Today was a day of which Durham can be proud.