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Issues of the Day


Dear Friends,

With the New Hampshire filing period closed, the ballot is now set and it is my honor to once again seek the privilege of representing New Hampshire's Second District. The filing period gave us a chilling preview of what my opponent, Ann Kuster, believes and how she would represent our state in Washington.

Immediately after filing to run, Kuster stated - "Congress is bickering over the debt limits, they're off on arguing about things that aren't even issues of the day."


Increases to the national debt by over $5 trillion since President Obama took office and a total national debt of over $15 trillion are not "issues of the day"?  

A week later, in an interview with the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, Ann Kuster commented on the bi-partisan budget that I helped introduce in the House, and that was endorsed by Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission, "it's pitiful it only got 38 votes".  

Seriously!?!?  Breaking from party leaders and trying to solve problems in a bipartisan fashion is "pitiful"!?!? 

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise Ann Kuster believes that the effort to pass a bipartisan budget is "pitiful" if debts and deficits are not "issues of the day", but that is in sharp contrast to the praise offered by publications like USA Today that called the group the "Brave 38".

Ann Kuster has proven she will walk in lock-step with Democratic leadership and is only willing to promote the failed policies of the Administration as solutions to our nation's challenges. Is this what New Hampshire wants in their Representative? Do we need our voice in Congress saying that debts and deficits are not "issues of the day" and bipartisanship is "pitiful"? 

I believe the answer for New Hampshire is NO.  

But I need your help to spread our message across New Hampshire's Second District and fight back against the special interest money Ann Kuster is raising from progressive groups throughout the country.  

Every contribution counts and is needed. Please click here to contribute to my campaign.
Together, we will be victorious in November and we will continue to promote economic opportunity by encouraging entrepreneurship and allowing hardworking Americans to keep more of what they earn. As always, thank you for your friendship and support.