ALG's Daily Grind: Germany to reject the Politeuro?

June 28, 2012

Germany to reject the Politeuro?

German Chancellor Merkel on eve of Brussels summit: "Euro bonds, euro bills, debt redemption funds are not only unconstitutional in Germany but also economically wrong and counterproductive."

Cartoon: Transparent

Perhaps Obama *is* the most transparent president ever…

Does the FDA Safety & Innovation Act provide an effective solution for managing prescription drug shortages?

Instead of addressing the Center for Medicare and Medicaid's price-fixing powers and the FDA's over-regulation of pharmaceutical markets — the major contributing factors of the drug shortages — Congress has granted even more power to the government, just making the problem worse.

Dodging another UN bullet  

Despite attendance by 45,000 delegates from 180 nations – the Rio+20 summit became just another gabfest, the mandates became even more ill-defined "goals" and "recommendations," and the world dodged another Kyoto-style bullet.