CEI Today: Union pension bailouts, EPA carbon regs, and Supreme Court on immigration


Openmarket.org The Growing Threat of a PBGC Bailout

Everyone hates a bailout. Or at least that’s what everyone says, until circumstances force some business leaders to seek them and politicians to grant them — all in the name of saving the free market, of course, by undermining it just this one time. Now the latest bailout threat involves not a too-big-to-fail private company, but a federal agency set up to support a favorite union institution: defined benefit pensions.

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), the federal agency that insures private sector defined benefit pensions, is facing an enormous deficit that threatens to render it inoperable, as it would not be able to take over any more cancelled pension plans. The PBGC is supposed to be financed through premiums paid by insured companies, but that’s never stopped politicians from throwing money at their supporters’ priorities — in this case unions.  > Read more at Openmarket.org

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EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standard — One Step Closer to Policy Disaster
What the proposal is really telling the electric utility industry is this: If you want to build a new coal-fired power plant, you’ll have to build a natural gas combined cycle plant instead. Not surprising given President Obama’s longstanding ambition to “bankrupt” anyone who builds a new coal power plant. > View the full commentary at Globalwarming.org


 Supreme Court Limits Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law


The Supreme Court has struck down portions of Arizona’s SB 1070 – the controversial immigration law that targets undocumented migrant workers. The Court ruled that federal law preempted sections that allowed for arrests without warrants, required immigrants to carry “alien registration documents,” and made it a criminal offense for undocumented workers to work or solicit work.

Even though the Court upheld a section that requires police officers to check immigration status, these significant revisions are still a modest victory for free market immigration reformers. The ruling restricts state attempts to create further punishments for peaceful migrants who seek work from American employers. Unfortunately, the law will continue to limit American citizens’ freedom of association by criminalizing those who “employ, harbor, or transport” unauthorized workers.  > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

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