Cilley For Governor - SB 406 override - Legislature to Citizens: "No More Day in Court"

The New Hampshire Legislature today voted to override Governor John Lynch's veto of SB 406, a bill that places substantial obstacles in the path of those seeking justice for medical malpractice.  In his veto message regarding SB 406, Governor Lynch noted that the legislation "…lacks certain fundamental safeguards that are necessary to protect injured patients."

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Jackie Cilley, agrees with Governor Lynch's veto of the bill and says that this is a sad day for consumers in our state.

"Once again, the Republicans have voted to gut the rights of New Hampshire's citizens -- all in the name of knowing what is good for the poor, the indigent and the undereducated,:" stated Cilley. "The legislature has today voted to deny access to our civil justice system to middle- and working-class families injured by the medical negligence of others.  Every one of our citizens deserves access to justice when an injustice has been done to them and this radical legislature just stripped that away."

She went on to say,"In a state where we have to literally shut the doors to our court system by failing to fund them, this legislation will add one more hurdle to people trying to petition our courts for justice. The legislature has put their fingers on the scales of justice in a malicious attempt to prevent people from exercising their rights as American citizens and as residents of New Hampshire. We can now add Senator and former Congressman Jeb Bradley  to the list of people who, with Speaker O'Brien and his followers, have done all they can to strip rights from those who find themselves out of work or underemployed or medically injured by other's negligence.  These groups now join women, college students, voters, and workers."

Cilley calls on Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith to state where they stand in the protection of our citizens' constitutional rights.

"They have reached a true low when they make medical care subject to a cost anaysis of whether it is cheaper to provide care or pay the cost of a lawsuit for doing nothing to intervene and save a life.  As governor, I will work to restore every single right that this legislature has stripped from our citizens. I will treat all citizens equal regardless of their circumstances and I will treasure the lives of all citizens including the 14 year old on medicaid "