Hassan For Governor - Republican Rep. Says Kindergarten Causes Crime; Ovide’s Response: Everyone is Entitled to their Opinion

What Does Ovide Mean? Does Ovide Supports GOP Efforts to Repeal Universal Access to Public Kindergarten? Does Ovide Agree that Kindergarten is the Gateway to a Life of Crime? 

Ovide Lamontagne Opposed Universal Public Kindergarten the Last Time He Ran for Governor

MANCHESTER, NH – Ovide Lamontagne should condemn a ridiculous accusation by a Republican state representative that kindergarten leads to higher crime rates and tell the people of New Hampshire whether he supports public kindergarten for every student, said Maggie Hassan, Democratic candidate for Governor.
Rep. Bob Kingsbury of Laconia told a meeting of the Belknap County Convention Monday night that from his “research” he had concluded kindergarten leads to higher crime rates.  [Laconia Daily Sun, 6/26]
“I’m proud to have worked with Governor Lynch to bring public kindergarten to every part of New Hampshire,” said Hassan.  “Kindergarten puts students on a path to success and opportunity.”
“Rep. Kingsbury’s comments are frankly ridiculous – and I would have expected Ovide Lamontagne to say so,” said Hassan.  “Ovide Lamontagne has long opposed ensuring that every child in New Hampshire has access to public kindergarten. Republicans in the legislature have said they want to repeal the law ensuring that every child in New Hampshire has access to public kindergarten. Ovide comments today raise the legitimate question about whether he would support that effort as Governor.”
“Positions like this make you wonder who is more extreme, Bill O'Brien or Ovide Lamontagne?  Our children deserve a Governor who will stand up for them,” said Hassan.
In response to a question on WKXL this morning about Kingsbury’s remarks, Lamontagne said:
"Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion, Chris.  This is America, after all. And what we need to be doing from the point of view of government and government leadership is enabling people to make decisions at the local level and their families, and so forth for the best services available to their children whether educational services, health care, and so forth and that is what I am going to be looking at and certainly as Governor of the state of New Hampshire I am going to stand with New Hampshire families across the board, that is important and we do need to restore our confidence in the ability of local people to make the right decisions for their families and for their communities and that is the system we have it has served us well in the past Chris and I think it is the one we should embrace going forward as well."