Kevin Smith applauds legislature’s vote to override veto of school choice bill

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor in New Hampshire, made the following statement regarding the vote to override the veto of SB 372, establishing an education tax credit for school choice:

“Today, New Hampshire took a major step toward real education reform in our state by overriding the governor’s veto of SB 372, which will allow businesses to receive a tax credit by establishing a program to award scholarship funds to New Hampshire students to attend a school of their choice.

“Students benefit from competition and choice – just like in our economy. By making school choice a reality and creating a greater array of options in education, everyone benefits andschools get better. What’s more, students and parents deserve the greatest amount of latitude in determining the right path for their schooling. Senate Bill 372 will help give the decision making authority back to the families and not those who wish to protect the status quo.

“Other states have employed innovative solutions to empower families and students, and provided real choices in education. Here in New Hampshire, the Democrats and Governor Lynch catered to labor unions and opposed this needed reform. In vetoing this bill, Governor Lynch showed how our children’s education has been high-jacked by special interests. Instead of looking out for the interests of New Hampshire’s families, he ignored them. I commend our legislature for uniting to override his veto of SB 372.

“Despite what Governor Lynch indicated, SB 372 is not about shifting funds among schools – it’s about giving students choices in education and getting our business community to more directly support the future workers of our state. If we are to put New Hampshire on a path toward greater prosperity and economic competitiveness, we must strengthen public schools and support choice in education. We cannot compete in the 21st Century economy without a skilled workforce, and that begins with giving students the tools they need early in their academic lives.

“Improving public schools, and providing parents and students with greater choice and flexibility to get the education they need is a vital component to ensuring that New Hampshiredoesn’t fall behind its economic competitors in the future. And, it’s the right thing to do for our kids. Today, the State Senate and House have ensured that New Hampshire’s families will decide how education funds are spent for their school-aged children, not the government.”