Bass For Congress - The Supreme Court Ruled Today That President Obama's Health Care Law is...

A Tax!


Dear Friends,

"Put simply, Congress may tax and spend."      
Chief Justice Roberts - June 28, 2012

And that is exactly what President Obama and the Democrats did when they rushed to pass an unpopular health care law that had no bipartisan support and still does not have the support of the American people.   Today's Supreme Court ruling found that the ability of the government to force individuals to purchase health insurance is Constitutional because it is a new tax.  

It is that simple now - you must buy health insurance designed by the government or pay higher taxes.  

That is a not a choice I believe is right for New Hampshire or our nation.

Health care has become too expensive for all Americans and we must work together to reform the system in a manner that addresses cost, quality and accessibility.  I am committed to working with members on both sides of the aisle and finding solutions that will work for our state and nation.

If you agree, please contribute $25, $50, $100 or more to our campaign today.

Even though the health care law falls within in the limits of our Constitution, it does not mean it is good public policy. 
New Hampshire families continue to see rising health care costs.  Personal decisions once between doctors, patients, and families now has the government in the middle.  Medicare was cut $575 billion.  Small business owners have their costs going up and trouble hiring new workers because of this law. 

What is even worse, my opponent Ann Kuster not only supports this law and the tax on all New Hampshire families and individuals, but 
she believes the law "didn't go far enough".  We know she wants single-payer health care but what else - more taxes, more unemployment as a result of the law, more government bureaucracy in our health care decisions?

If, like me, you believe in lower taxes and less government bureaucracy please contribute to my campaign today.