Political Headlines - June 29, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Justices back health law, change the political landscape: The 5-4 Supreme Court ruling affirmed Congress's authority to impose an "individual mandate" through its taxing powers and delivered a major political victory for the president. Health care policy and political reporter Tracy Jan and Washington Bureau chief Christopher Rowland report.     


  • Ruling frames Obama battle with Romney: While President Obama praised the Supreme Court's decision, Mitt Romney pledged to make repeal his first priority if elected. Enterprise reporter Brian MacQuarrie and political reporter Matt Viser provide details.


  • Roberts  role in vote sparks questions on legacy: Scholars said the chief justice's decision to become the decisive fifth vote in a historic ruling counters the view that the court is sliding toward political activism. Political reporter Brian C. Mooney explains.


Investors take health care ruling in stride: Anyone who believes the cost and complexity of the health care law would deal a serious blow to the economy didn't see that concern reflected in the stock market. Business reporter Steven Syre writes.