Lamontagne statement on Supreme Court opinion on Obamacare

Manchester, NH - Ovide Lamontagne, Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement on today's Supreme Court opinion on Obamacare:
"Today’s Supreme Court ruling is truly a disappointment and represents an infringement on the freedoms and liberty of every citizen in New Hampshire, and throughout our country.  The Court ruling opens the door for continued Federal intrusion into the lives of every American, further erodes the Tenth Amendment protections of the 50 states, and confirms what we already knew – that this law results in a massive tax hike on the middle class. Since I announced my candidacy for Governor, I have made clear that opposing Obamacare is a top priority, and that if elected, I will take all steps necessary to oppose its implementation.  A mandatory one size fits all national approach to health care will not work, and certainly does nothing to address the ever increasing costs of health care, which is a pressing concern for New Hampshire families and businesses alike.  
As Governor, I would join with like-minded governors across the country in continuing to fight by any means necessary Federal overreach into this important sector of our economy.  I will work to strengthen recently enacted state laws designed to exempt New Hampshire residents from many of the law’s mandates.  At the same time, I will use my experience in the health care field to bring together the state’s health care, business, and community leaders with the goal of enacting market based solutions that will preserve individual choice and control health care costs.”