Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement today in response to the Supreme Court's ruling on health care. 

"Today's Supreme Court decision will have a major impact on the November election as it affirms that ObamaCare is essentially the largest tax increase in history. Even though President Obama said in 2009 that this bill is "absolutely not a tax increase," the truth has come out. The only way to overturn this monumental takeover of our health care system is to elect a new president. We need to repeal and replace this law.

"President Obama spent a year and a half constructing this bill while turning a blind eye to our economy. This law will create havoc for millions of Americans already uncertain about their financial and physical health going forward.

"Our country needs market-based solutions that give patients more choice with their healthcare options, rather than a panel of unelected bureaucrats calling the shots. The doctor to patient relationship should not have intervention from Big Government.

"We must elect a president who understands the economy, is a champion of free enterprise, and can turn this country around from the failures of the past three and a half years. Mitt Romney will put us on a path to economic recovery and successful health care reform."